Luxuriating In Discomfort

Luxuriating In Discomfort  is a group of works born out of a 2.5 year inquiry into the nature of sadness and pain. Comprised of a large painting, poetry, a book, and video, the work is autobiographical in nature, and serves as the culmination of a period of grief and transformation that began on July 1, 2018, the day I resolved to approach my own self-care with sincerity.


Apart from highlighting a shift in one’s self-awareness, Luxuriating In Discomfort considers our relationship with comfort, and how this relationship shapes our experience, particularly as we contemplate the final days 2020, a most significant year.

From use of the bedroom as installation space to employing a lullaby palette, Luxuriating In Discomfort dwells in double entendres, touching on both the multi-dimensionality and the potentiality of our experience. Water emerges as a primary theme, as both subject matter in the poems and as visual metaphor in the painting, memorializing the elemental medium that opened up a pathway towards transformation.