In March 2020, an electronic sign appeared on the highway, and for weeks flashed the message, “please observe stay healthy order” to help manage the spread of COVID-19 in our community. The message served as a reminder to follow social distancing protocols however, I was struck by the improbability and significance of the directive's language: we are living in a time where we need to be ordered to stay healthy. PLEASE OBSERVE STAY HEALTHY ORDER memorializes the moment, as a contemplation of the factors that led us here.

Painting - Mixed Media

64 in X 94 in


In the painting, the ominous message is tempered by vibrant, nostalgic text set against a plain expanse, and placed off to the side. Intensity of color falls away throughout the text, suggesting a passage of time - reminding us that our actions today shape our tomorrows faraway, tomorrows that arrive in a blink of an eye. The painting makes use of a flattened, monochromatic frame that distracts little from the painting, anchoring our focus within the text’s meaning.

PLEASE OBSERVE STAY HEALTHY ORDER, though directly referencing COVID-19, indirectly touches on the social and political discord that defined the United States in 2020, and follows my interest in care of self/care of other themes.