Baker Creek - Sentinels and Totems

Spending time in the burn area of Baker Creek, Idaho, part of a protected national forest within the Northern Rockies, I photographed the forest and contemplated the intersections renewal and decay.


For this project, I was interested in the natural, sculptural qualities found in the burned woodland particularly as they exist sheltered and preserved, as if in a secluded sculpture garden. 


Reliefs of ancient fossils, canyons, and drawings echo within the carvings, calling our attention back to “the great mystery” as uniquely misshapen trees persist and remain upright, steadfast, and immune to all that Mother Nature brings to bear season after season.


Within the wild land, I found a vast complexity and simplicity of intelligence and within the intelligence, an unambiguous symmetry to this moment in time. For it is within untamed spaces, that we find clues to our essential questions.

Remnants of trees - blackened, stripped, and tempered by fire - rise high above green shoots and remain as sentinels and reminders of the way things were, as a tapestry of rebirth and renewal unfurl a new tomorrow.  And engravings, carved as passageways by beetles on the interior surfaces of tree bark, lay undisturbed like totems amid the detritus.

Location: Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho


Surface Surveys

Surface Surveys is a collection of 6 individual studies, shot over 3 years, of desert physiographies across the globe. Effectively protected, each physiography embodies the planet’s natural and essential, physical expression - unhindered by man – and underscores the ethereal nature of wild lands in our current, anthropocentric age. 

For this project, I was concerned with the importance and value of preserving our planet's wild lands. My need for wild space is as essential and far-reaching. Just as the preservation of our flora and fauna's natural habitats regulates the frequency and severity of extreme weather events,  the natural environment  preserves my own balance and is my principle mender.  As nature plays a global role in scientific and medical breakthroughs, it is the wellspring that drives my insight.

The aim of this project is to reveal the delicate multiformity of the earth's surface.

Project Detail:

2019 - No6, 25° S: Australia

2018 - No5, 42°N: Idaho, USA, No4, 32°N: New Mexico, USA

2017 - No3, 69°N & 42°N: Greenland  & Idaho, USA , No2, 68°N: Greenland, No1, 22°N: Oman

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