Totems & Sentinels

"As winter gave way to spring, I thought about destruction, rebirth and the cadence of change, and spent time in a burn area within a protected national forest in the Northern Rockies. For this project, I was interested in the natural, sculptural qualities found in the burned woodland – particularly as they exist sheltered and preserved as if in a secluded sculpture garden."

Lisa Wood Studio - Totems
Lisa Wood Studio - Sentinels

Reliefs of ancient fossils, canyons, and drawings echo within the carvings, calling our attention back to “the great mystery” as uniquely misshapen trees persist and remain upright, steadfast, and immune to all that Mother Nature brings to bear season after season.


"Within the wild land, I found a vast complexity and simplicity of intelligence, and within the intelligence, an unambiguous symmetry to this moment in time. For it is within untamed spaces, that we find clues to our essential questions."

Location: Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho